Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

What is SubscriptionBridge?

Simplifying and extending recurring payments

SubscriptionBridge is subscription management and recurring billing system. It makes it easy for you to use robust recurring payment systems (see a list of supported payment system) while adding a variety of features that help you more efficiently and more flexibly run your subscription-based business.

In a nutshell, SubscriptionBridge will enable your business to sell subscriptions and manage the recurring payment and customer service needs that arise from those sales. Regardless of what kind of subscription-based products or services you are offering - from gym memberships to access to premium online content - SubscriptionBridge will help make the whole process smoother, more automated, and less expensive.

Main features

  • Three integration methods:
  • Automated customer service (e.g. customer's credit card is about to expire)
  • Automated problem resolution (e.g. payment declined: SubscriptionBridge helps you follow-up automatically)
  • Simple tools to upgrade and upsell customers (e.g. change subscription plan, add features, etc.)
  • Multi-language customer interface
  • Customizable notification messages
  • And much more!

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