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====== ErrorResponse Call Reference ====== You will receive an error response XML document when a request has a complete failure. For example, if a “SubscriptionRequest” is sent to the incorrect EndPoint (or address) then the service will not know how to response. The service will issue you a 500 HTTP Status Code indicating a server error. Your application will detect the 500 HTTP Status Code and proceed to check for ErrorResponse. You will not always receive an error response. However, if an error response exists it will be helpful for debugging purposes. ===== ErrorResponse ===== ==== Overview ==== The box below lists all fields that could be included in the call response. To learn more about an individual field or its type, scroll down to find it in the table below the box. ==== XML ====

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

==== Elements ====

Name Type Occurrence Meaning
ErrorResponse container required Parent Element
ErrorCode string always The code of the error. You can look up error codes in the developer's guide.
Timestamp string always All responses return the official SB time stamp in UTC/GMT
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