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 +====== Sample HTML Form ======  
 +The following code can be placed into any HTML web page.  Be sure to replace the URL (text in between the quotes) with your own Package Link.  To learn more about Package Links, including how to's, please review the [[links|Package Link Overview]].  
 +=== Simple HTML Form ===  
 +<form action="" method="post" name="formName">  
 +    <!-- You may add any HTML you like her to describe your product or service.  This is optional -->  
 +    <h1>My Product Name</h1>  
 +    <p>  
 +    My product description.  
 +    </p>  
 +    <input name="buttonName" type="submit" value="Buy Now" />  
 +=== Advanced HTML Form ===  
 +coming soon  
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