Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

====== Package Links ====== ===== What is a Package Link? ===== For a definition of what a Package Link is in the SubscriptionBridge system, please see the Glossary. ===== Where can I find my Package Links? =====

  1. Log in to the Subscription Bridge Merchant Center:
  2. Select the appropriate store to expand its menu options
  3. Select the Package Links menu option
  4. A list of Packages will be displays (if any exist)
  5. Locate the Package you want to link to
  6. Click Copy to Clipboard button next to the appropriate Package
  7. You can use your pc's Paste button to add the link into your HTML button, link, or form.
  8. Note, you can use the keyboard shortcut to paste from the clipboard (Windows: Ctrl-V, Mac: Command-V)

===== How can I add a Package Links? ===== Now that you have your subscription link you can use the samples below to add it to your store, blog, or newsletter.

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