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 +====== Store Settings - Countries and States ======  
 +Here you can specify restrictions to where products are shipped. These settings __only__ apply when using the **SubscriptionBridge shopping cart** ([[:simpleintegration:simpleintegration|Simple Integration]]).  
 +If you are using a shopping cart that has been integrated with SubscriptionBridge, or if you are using the SubscriptionBridge API, you do not need to configure these settings.  
 +===== Related Articles =====  
 +  * [[store-settings-general|General Information]]  
 +  * [[store-settings-paymentGateway|Payment Gateway]]  
 +  * [[store-settings-languages|Languages]]  
 +  * [[store-settings-taxes|Tax Settings]]  
 +  * [[store-settings-misc|Miscellaneous]]  
 +  * [[merchant_guide:merchant_guide|Merchant User Guide]]
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