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SubscriptionBridge Service Pricing

Pricing Policy

The SubscriptionBridge merchants pay for the service based on the number of active subscribers managed through their account. For detailed pricing information, please see:

Definition of Active Subscriber

An active subscriber is defined as a business or individual that subscribed to one of the subscription packages that you have made available through your SubscriptionBridge merchant account, in any of the stores managed through your account, for which the following is true:

  • Live store. Subscriptions that pertain to a Test store are not included.
  • Regular subscription amount is > 0. Subscriptions to a free service are not included.
  • Active. Subscriptions that have been canceled are not included.

Trial subscriptions are included, even if the trial is a free trial.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Use of the SubscriptionBridge service can be found at

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