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 +====== Testing E-mail Notifications ======  
 +E-mail notifications are a very important part of SubscriptionBridge. You can test how some of the messages will look (e.g. does your logo look OK? Which font do you prefer using?) by following these steps:  
 +  - Select the store that you want to work with  
 +  - On the start page, click on //[[merchant_guide:notifications|Notification Settings]]//  
 +  - On the //Notification Settings// page, navigate to the section called //Additional Copy for E-mail Templates//  
 +  - Enter additional messages that you want to show when various emails are sent, then click //Save Notification Settings// at the bottom of the page to save the changes.  
 +  - Click on the //Test// button next to each custom message to test that particular notification. The e-mail will be sent to the address specified as the Store E-mail settings on the //General Info// tab of the //Add/Edit Store// page.  
 +Most of the information included in the test messages that will be sent is completely fictitious. The purpose of these test messages is to show you how such information is displayed, and allow you to tweak interface settings such as //Font Family// and //Font Size// so that they match your style preferences.  
 +You can also see how your custom messages (//Additional Copy for E-mail Templates//) are inserted into the message.
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