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Customer Import Wizard


  1. Select “Import Subscribers” from the main menu
  2. Browse for the import file. Note, this file must be in the “.csv” format and have the name of your store key. For your information, the store key will be displayed on the page above the browse button.
  3. After you locate your file click “Upload”
  4. Select the “Import Option” that is appropriate. (Each type is explained in detail below.)
  5. Map the matching columns. Note, if you followed the recommended naming conventions below that mapping will be done automatically.
  6. Click “Map Fields” when you have completed your mapping
  7. Review the mappings and click “Start Import Now”
  8. Your records will be imported and the results will be posted on the screen.

Import Options

Import Only

Import existing profiles from your payment gateway. For example, if you are a new SubscriptionBridge merchant and have existing subscriptions with or PayPal, then you can use this feature to bring those existing subscriptions into our system. The process involves retrieving the recurring billing profiles from your gateway and formatting that information so it can be received by our system. We offer free assistance with this process to help make the experience as painless as possible. Please open a ticket for details.


  • The Subscription ID from the gateway is required
  • The Customer is NOT emailed
  • You can add your own password
  • You can add your own account number
  • The gateway is NOT contacted, the customer is NOT billed until their next payment date.
  • A large number of records can be processed at once

Import and Create

Import a list of customers & credit cards. This option creates a new subscription with your respective gateway. The customer is


  • No Subscription ID is required. It is created during the import
  • Credit card details are required in the proper format for your gateway
  • The Customer is emailed a receipt
  • You can add your own password, but existing customers passwords cannot be modified
  • You can add your own account number
  • The gateway is contacted, the customer is billed (if not FREE Trial)
  • The first payment date is the date of the import
  • Small batches only. Since the gateway is contacted you cannot process large files.

Sample Import File

Column Name Meaning
Email The customer's email.
FirstName The customer's first name
LastName The customer's last name
Account Optional remote account number or ID
Password Option password for this customer. If the email and password match an existing customer the subscription will be linked to the existing account.
SubscriptionID This is the subscription id from your gateway. This is not needed if you are creating new subscriptions. We can help you obtain the subscription ids from your gateway. Instructions for PayPal and are also listed in the section below.
LinkID This is the Package's Link ID from your SB Merchant Center.
NextBillingDate This is only used for existing subscriptions. If you are creating new subscriptions, then this value will be set by SB automatically.
BillingFirstName The customer's billing first name
BillingLastName The customer's billing last name
BillingCompany The customer's company
BillingAddress The customer's billing address line 1
BillingAddress2 The customer's billing address line 2
BillingCity The customer's billing city
BillingRegion The customer's state or province (use an ISO code, e.g. PA)
BillingPostalCode The customer's postal code
BillingCountry The customer's ISO country code (e.g. US)
BillingPhone The customer's billing phone number
ShippingFirstName The customer's shipping first name
ShippingLastName The customer's shipping last name
ShippingCompany The customer's shipping company
ShippingAddress The customer's shipping address line 1
ShippingAddress2 The customer's shipping address line 2
ShippingCity The customer's shipping city
ShippingRegion The customer's shipping state or province
ShippingPostalCode The customer's shipping postal code
ShippingCountry The customer's shipping ISO country code (e.g. US)
ShippingPhone The customer's shipping phone
CardNumber Valid credit card. Not needed for importing existing subscriptions.
CardType Card type (e.g. Visa)
ExpMonth 2 digit exp. month
ExpYear 4 digit exp. year
SecureCode 3 or 4 digit CVV2 code
RegularAmt valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
TrialAmt valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
RegularTax valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
TrialTax valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
RegularShipping valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
TrialShipping valid amount, no currency symbol, decimal separator
IsShippable Set to true if there is shipping. Value is boolean (e.g. TRUE)
ShipName Shipping service used.
TaxName Tax code or description (e.g. PA sales tax)
AgreedToTerms Set to true if customer agreed to terms. Value is boolean (e.g. TRUE)
LanguageCode Any valid ISO code (e.g. en-US)

Import Errors

You may send us your import file for error checking prior to your import. We will check your file for errors and send it back to you. However, should your import file contains an error (e.g. invalid credit card number), then the import wizard will stop at that row. The wizard will prompt you to remove all successfully imported rows prior to the error. This will ensure you do not re-import the same rows when you fix the error.

Importing subscription from PayPal Website Payments Pro

Please contact us for details.

Importing subscription from

Please contact us for details.

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