SubscriptionBridge - ProductCart Integration: Features

Existing Features

  • Easily sell a subscription on your ProductCart-powered store by linking a SubscriptionBridge “package” to a product in your ProductCart store catalog
  • Support the sale of recurring and non-recurring items at the same time (see details below)
  • Automatically show the subscription terms during checkout, without having to enter any information in ProductCart
  • Add a “Terms & Conditions” document that customers must agree to before purchasing the subscription
    • At the store level (e.g. same document for different subscriptions)
    • At the product level (e.g. different document for different subscriptions)

Selling one-time purchase items and subscriptions at the same time


Mixed shopping cart

There is a limitation in the handling of a “mixed” shopping cart. That is, SubscriptionBridge can handle the sale of subscription and non-subscription (one time purchase) items only when:

  • All items are non-shipping and non-taxable (e.g. digital goods + technical support subscription)
  • The non-subscription items are non-shipping and non-taxable. In this scenario, the subscription item can be taxable and shipping (e.g. vitamins, wine club, book club), but the other items in the cart must be non-taxable and non-shipping (e.g. gift certificates)

The system does not currently handle the sale of subscription and non-subscription items at the same time when all of them require shipping and handling. This is due to the challenges of splitting shipping charges and taxes among the one-time sale and recurring billing profile. This limitation might be removed in the future.

Additional Features and Product Options

When a subscription package is associated with additional features, those would typically be presented as product options in the ProductCart store catalog. This, however, cannot currently be done in the SubscriptionBridge - ProductCart integration.

Our recommended approach is to present those features on the product details page or on a category page (long category description) and indicate to the customer that they will be able to add them to the subscription after they have subscribed to the product/service, by editing the subscription.

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