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The Settings page allows you to configure some basic settings that affect how customers will checkout when purchasing a Subscription. Any settings that are set at the package level will over-ride the global settings.

  1. Log into your ProductCart Control Panel
  2. Select Products > Manage Subscriptions > Settings
  3. An overview of each setting can be found in the following section
  4. Click “Update” to confirm changes

The following settings are available:

  • Turn Recurring Billing “ON” or “OFF”
    By default recurring billing is turned on. However, if you temporarily want to make all subscriptions “not for sale” you can turn recurring billing off. Simply tick the radio box to the off setting and click save at the bottom of the page. Note, this does not turn off recurring billing for subscriptions that have already been purchased.
  • OFF Message
    The message to be shown if the integration with SubscriptionBridge is turned OFF.
  • Active Payment Gateways
    Select the payment gateway(s) that is active on your store and that you also wish to use for processing recurring payments.
  • Payment Page Disclaimer
    You can add some additional text to be shown on the payment page. It can be additional legal terms, or information that helps the customer understand their purchase. Please see the following, important NOTE if you are using
$1 Authorization: if you are using, the system will authorize the customer's credit card for $1. This is to validate the credit card before the subscription is created. The $1 is never charged and will automatically disappear from the customer's credit card transaction records. Learn more about this feature.
  • General Terms & Conditions Agreement
    If the checkbox is checked then the customer must agree to the default agreement (entered in the “Agreement Text” field) in order to checkout. This general Terms & Conditions Agreement can be over-ridden at the package level.
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