ProductCart - SubscriptionBridge Integration: Activation

Why this extra step

Activation is required to enable your ProductCart-powered store to successfully authenticate with the SubscriptionBridge system.

Communication between your shopping cart and SubscriptionBridge is secured in three ways:

    All communication with SubscriptionBridge happens over the HTTPS protocol. As a result, all of your sensitive information is secured using SSL encryption.
  • IP Address Restriction
    During activation SubscriptionBridge records the IP Address of the 3rd party system (e.g. your e-commerce Web site). Any system using an IP Address that has not been authorized will not be able to communicate with SubscriptionBridge.
  • 3-Token Authorization
    You will need to provide to your application certain credentials that can be located in the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, and that allow your shopping cart to identify itself. More on this below.

Activating ProductCart for SubscriptionBridge

  1. Obtain your API Credentials. See how.
  2. Open a new browser window
  3. In the new browser window, log into your ProductCart Control Panel
  4. Select Products > Manage Subscriptions > SubscriptionBridge Link Activation
  5. Enter your API Username, Password, and Key as they appear within the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center.
  6. Click Activate to complete the activation process.

If you receive an error please review the Troubleshooting section.

If you visit the page again at a later time, ProductCart will detect that SubscriptionBridge has already been activated.

SubscriptionBridge activation in ProductCart

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