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Coming Soon

This page contains a summary of new features and improvements that we are working on (see what's already there), and known limitations in the current version of SubscriptionBridge. Limitations will be removed as new features and improvements are rolled out.

Main limitations in SubscriptionBridge v1.1

Here is a list of known limitations in version 1.1 of SubscriptionBridge

  1. US Merchants only
    We are still working on multi-lingual support and support for international settings. So for now, unfortunately, SubscriptionBridge can be used by US merchants only.

New features

The following is a list of features that will be part of SubscriptionBridge, but that are not “live” yet. We're working on them and will be adding them to the system as soon as they are ready. We will keep you updated as we roll them out.

Merchant Center

  • International store settings
    Non-US stores will be able to specify the currency, date format, and currency to be used in their SubscriptionBridge store.
  • QuickBooks integration
    Recurring payments will automatically become sales receipts in your QuickBooks company file.

Customer Center

  • Multilingual Storefront
    SubscriptionBridge supports a fully multilingual storefront. All e-mail notifications are multi-lingual and a customer will receive messages in the language that he/she opted for. System messages and text strings are currently available in English & Italian. We are currently adding: French, German, and Spanish. Additional languages will be added in the future.
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