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Merchants that you are doing business with may be using SubscriptionBridge to manage their subscription-based business. When you purchased a product (e.g. a Wine Club monthly shipment) or signed up for a service (e.g. a gym membership) with any of those merchants, you subscribed to those products and service. The SubscriptionBridge Customer Center is where you can manage those subscriptions.

To log into the SubscriptionBridge Customer Center, go to:

SubscriptionBridge Customer Center

  • If you created an account when you placed an order (i.e. you saved a password during checkout), you can log into your account using:
    • The e-mail address you used when you purchased
    • The password that you saved to your account
  • If you did not save a password during checkout, you can log into your account using:
    • The e-mail address you used when you purchased
    • The order number associated with that purchase. The order number was shown to you on the Order Confirmation page at the end of the checkout process, and was included in the e-mail that was sent to you after the purchase.

Welcome Page

The SubscriptionBridge Customer Center welcome page contains links to:

  • A list of your subscriptions
  • A page where you can set some settings specific to your account (e.g. language)
  • A form to contact a Merchant

The SubscriptionBridge Customer Center Welcome page

My Subscriptions

Click on “My Subscriptions” to view and manage your subscriptions. A list of subscriptions will be displayed. Click on the subscription number to view details on that subscription.

Subscription details

  • Billing Information
    Click on this link to edit your billing and payment information
  • Features
    Click on this link to add and/or remove additional features (available products and services) to this subscription.
    • This only applies to subscriptions for which additional features are available.
    • When you add a feature to your subscription, you might be charged pro-rate for the current billing period.
    • Once a feature has been added, the ongoing subscription amount will reflect the price of the new feature(s), starting with the next payment.
  • Submit a Ticket
    If you have a problem with your subscription, click on this link to open a support ticket.
  • Cancel Subscription
    If you wish to cancel your subscription, click on this link.
  • Show All Subscriptions
    Click on this link if you wish to return to a list of all subscriptions.
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