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Store Basics 101

A store corresponds to an independent subscription-based business. With SubscriptionBridge you can run unlimited subscription-based businesses through the same SubscriptionBridge account.

Adding a Store

To Add a store:

  • Log into the Merchant Center.
  • Click on Add New Store to begin.
  • Choose a Store Type
    For a number of reasons, you cannot convert a Test store into a Live store, and vice versa. You can have unlimited stores in your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, so it's a good idea to setup both a Test and a Live store.
    • Live Store - A live store can connect to a real payment gateway.
    • Test Store - A test store is pre-configured with a demo version of our Early Impact Gateway. It acts and behaves just like a live store.
  • General Store Information
    • Store Name
    • Store Logo
    • Company Website
    • Store Email
    • Hosted URL
    • Company Address
    • Time Zone Offset
  • Language & Locale Settings
    • Language & Locale - Select the default language for your store. Date, time, and currency formatting will be set automatically.
    • Default Currency
    • Active Languages
  • Payment System
    • Test Gateway - A fictitious payment gateway that allows you to test most features.
    • PayPal Express Checkout Sandbox - If you plan to use PayPal Express Checkout with your Live store, simulate the Live environment with the PayPal Sandbox.
  • Payment System Configuration
    • Gateway Credentials
    • Card Authorization Settings
  • Hosted Checkout Settings
    • Will you use Hosted Checkout? Click Yes or No.
    • Limit Countries and States - If you do business in a geographically limited area, specify country and state/province (where available) below. Press down the CTRL key to select multiple entries.
    • US Taxes - Do you want Subscription Bridge to calculate sales taxes? (US only)
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