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Who can cancel a subscription

Both customers and merchants can cancel a subscription.

  • Customers can cancel a subscription through the SubscriptionBridge Customer Center
  • Merchants can cancel a subscription from the subscription details page of the Merchant Center

What happens when a subscription is canceled

When a subscription is canceled, SubscriptionBridge performs the following tasks:

Reason for cancellation

At the time the subscription is canceled, both the merchants and customers can specify the reason for the cancellation. Merchants can enter both a “public” reason (which is mentioned on the e-mail sent to the customer and in the subscription summary page) and internal comments (not shown to the customer).

Subscription cancellation screen

Cancellation discrepancy

There could be a scenario where the subscription has been canceled through the payment gateway's payment management interface and is still active in SubscriptionBridge. The SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center allows you to correct this discrepancy as follows:

  • Log into the Merchant Center and locate the subscription
  • At the top of the subscription details page, click on Cancel
  • On the page where you can enter the reason for the cancellation (shown above), there is a checkbox that you can check to indicate that the subscription has already been canceled through the payment gateway. If you check that checkbox, when SubscriptionBridge contacts the payment gateway it will ignore any errors returned by the payment gateway (errors due to the fact that the subscription had already been canceled and cannot be canceled again), and simply update the subscription status in SubscriptionBrdige.
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