Selling Subscription-based Products and Services

How it all works in the SubscriptionBridge System

In your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center you will…

  • create a product (e.g. “Featured Red Wines”)
  • create a plan (e.g. “Monthly Billing”)
  • create additional features, if you want (e.g. “Expedited Delivery”)
  • create a package that combines them all into a subscription-based product or service that you will sell

Why creating packages?

In SubscriptionBridge you will mix products, plans, and features to create all sorts of subscription-based products and services (packages) that share some of their characteristics. For example, if you have 3 subscriptions that all share the same monthly billing with a 30-day free trial, you won't have to re-enter those billing details 3 times, but rather simply select a plan that includes them.

SubscriptionBridge was built this way to:

  • give you maximum flexibility
  • minimize redundant entries

Why separate features?

Creating additional, optional features allows you to separate one or more items in your subscription-based product/service so that you can let customers add/remove them to/from their subscription profile at any time.

This can help you keep the initial subscription price low, then “up-sell” customers to additional, great services that you offer on top of the basic subscription.

For example, a customer may sign up for your Wine Club, but only add “Expedited Delivery” at a later time. SubscriptionBridge will take care of adjusting their subscription amount accordingly, and will charge them a pro-rated amount for the current billing period.


If you haven't already done so, look at the SubscriptionBridge Glossary to a more in-depth definition of the terms used above.

Let's Get Started

Let's get started by adding a product to one of your stores.

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