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Simple Integration


The Simple Integration method allows any business to sell subscriptions, handle recurring payments, and provide automated customer service.

  • You don't need any e-commerce software
  • You will not need to change virtually anything on your existing Web pages
  • All you will do is adding to one or more pages links to the products/services that you wish to sell
  • SubscriptionBridge will take care of the rest

Signing Up

  1. You will receive an email with further instructions.

How it Works

Using the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, you will set up the subscription-based products and/or services that you wish to sell. The system will generate a link for each of them. You will take that link and place it on one or more of your Web pages (or even an e-mail newsletter) as a text link (e.g. “Buy Now”), image button (e.g. “Buy Now” button), or HTML form.

When customers click on the link or button, they will be taken through a quick checkout process. When an order is successfully placed, SubscriptionBridge will setup their new subscription and inform all parties involved.

The SubscriptionBridge Shopping Cart

The checkout process is a simple, two-step process where customers:

  • Click on one of the links you have placed on your Web site (e.g. two subscriptions to your gymnasium: “Gym Membership - Nights & Weekends” vs. “Gym Membership - Extended Access”)
  • Review the product/service that they are subscribing to including terms and conditions, trial pricing (if any), regular pricing, etc.
  • Select additional features, if any (e.g. add “Locker Rental” to a “Gym Membership - Nights & Weekends”)
  • Add their selection to the shopping cart
  • Use a quick, one-page checkout system to place their order.

What Happens Next

SubscriptionBridge will setup a new subscription based on your merchant settings (e.g. which payment system to use) and the customer's selections (i.e. selected items, total price).

  • Depending on which payment system is being used, the customer's credit card will either be immediately charged or temporarily authorized for a small amount for verification purposes (more about credit card authorizations).
  • If there is a trial period, the trial will start and the trial price (if any) will be charged
  • If there is no trial period, the regular subscription amount will be charged
  • E-mail notifications will be sent to both you and your customer.
  • Developers: a silent post will be sent to the Callback URL if any has been specified.

Ready to Get Started?

These reference materials can help guide you through the process of creating your subscription-based products/services:

  • Getting Started: Learn how to log in to your merchant account for the first time. Setup your first SubscriptionBridge store. Configure the basic settings.
  • Merchant User Guide: Learn how to create packages and add features. Setup your Payment Options and Notification Preferences.
  • Package Links: Find all about Package Links and how to add them to your web site, store, blog, or newsletter.
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