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Advanced Integration

The information on this page is intended for developers who are performing a technical integration with Subscription Bridge. For a list of pre integrated shopping carts visit the Shopping Cart Integration section, or visit our Simple Integration homepage.


The Advanced Integration method supports all of the services available in the Simple Integration method. It allows any business to sell subscriptions, handle recurring payments, and provide automated customer service. In addition, the Advanced Integration method exposes the Subscription Bridge services via a robust XML API. The API allows developers to build or integrate applications that work seamlessly with Subscription Bridge. For example, a web programmer can use the Advanced Integration method to integration their shopping cart with Subscription Bridge so that customers can buy subscriptions without ever leaving their store.

How it Works

At the core of the Advanced Integration method is a robust XML API. A developer may register for API credentials at which point they can communicate with the API using industry standard XML. It is up to the developer which programming languages and methods are used to send the XML.

Ready to Integrate?

These reference materials can help guide you through the integration process:

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