Hosted Customer Portal

The Hosted Customer Portal, or Customer Center, allows your customers to manage their own subscriptions. They can update billing information, expired credit cards, upgrade and downgrade, add features, etc. Since we host the Customer Center you do not have to worry about PCI compliance headaches. The following section focuses on ways you can integrate the Customer Center with your site. Please see our Customer Center Guide for comprehensive details and instructions.

Add customer service links to your web site's customer area using our deep linking technique. This is referred to as “auto login links” or “customer landing pages”.

The syntax for the link to the SubscriptionBridge Customer Center should be as follows, where <GUID> is the identifier for the subscription associated with the order, <MODE> is the landing page (list of landing pages below), and <EMAIL> is the customer's e-mail address (which was passed to SubsriptionBridge via the SubscriptionRequest call):<GUID>&Email=<EMAIL>&mode=<MODE>

Creating a Link: Step by Step

  1. First, add the URL of the Customer Center:
  2. Second, add the auto login page name:
  3. Next, add the URL parameters:
  4. Lastly, you replace <GUID> with the Subscription ID, <EMAIL> with the customer email, and <MODE> with the name of the landing page (see list of modes below).
  5. Finally, you can put your link into HTML code, buttons, or paste it directly into your browser to view the landing page.

When you put all the pieces together you end up with something like this:

Landing Pages

  • Detail
    Replace <MODE> with “details” to send the customer to the subscription details page.
  • Transaction History
    Replace <MODE> with “history” to send the customer to the transaction page.
  • Edit Billing
    Replace <MODE> with “billing” to send the customer to the billing details page.
  • Edit Shipping
    Replace <MODE> with “shipping” to send the customer to the shipping details page.
  • Cancel Subscription
    Replace <MODE> with “cancel” to send the customer to the subscription cancellation page.
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