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One-time Charges


There are scenarios in which you might need to create a balance on a customer account that is outside of the regular subscription payment. For example, a customer might owe you some money for certain one-time products or services that you might have provided. Or they might need to make a catch up payment for a previous, failed recurring payment, but the system reports no outstanding balance (e.g. the failed payment occurred before you started using SubscriptionBridge, or there was a technical problem).

In these and other scenarios, you can use the Add One Time Charge feature to create an outstanding balance on the account. The amount associated with any One Time Charge is not added to the recurring subscription payment. As the name itself indicates, this is intended to be a one-time payment.

Available settings

The first two settings apply to all One Time Charges.

  • Amount: enter the amount that the customer needs to pay.
  • Reason: explain why this charge is being applied. Note that this is not an internal comment, but rather information that will be visible to your customers.

The following settings only apply to One Time Charges that have already been paid (rare).

  • Mark as Paid: if payment has already been made, maybe outside of the system (e.g. in cash or by check), you can still add this One Time Charge for tracking purposes, but not trigger an outstanding balance on the subscription by marking the charge as paid.
  • Date Paid: enter the date on which payment has already been received for this One Time Charge, if applicable.

Notifying the customer

Coming soon: you will be able to quickly send a notification message to the customer in order to inform him/her of the new or updated balance.

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