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In the previous step you setup Web Connector. Now it is time to select your preferences. From the QuickBooks Sync main menu click “Preferences”. A screen will appear and display 4 options:

  • Account Preferences
  • Customer Preferences
  • Export Preferences
  • Package Preferences

Please complete each task and click “Tasks Complete” at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

Account Preferences

Enter the name of the QuickBooks account as listed in the Chart of Accounts (Lists > Chart of Accounts) for each of the following items. Type “NA” if the account is not applicable to your store (e.g. If your packages are non-shipping type “NA” for “Shipping Charges”)

  1. Shipping Charges
  2. Order Level Tax
  3. Line Item Tax

When you're finished click “Tasks Complete” at the bottom of the page. If you closed the browser just re-open it and navigate back to the setup screen. You will need to click “Tasks Complete” before you can move onto the next step.

If you clicked “Tasks Complete” you should be redirected back to the main progress menu. A check mark will appear next to the first step and you can move onto step two Preferences.

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