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Web Connector Setup


In the previous step you made sure that your QuickBooks company file was prepared to receive transactions from SubscriptionBridge. Now it is time to complete the simple setup process. Don't worry, it will not take long. To start, log into your Merchant Control panel. Next, select a store and click “Export to QuickBooks”. A menu displaying your installation progress will be displayed. Check marks will appear next the steps as you complete the tasks.

To begin, Click “Web Connector Setup”. Follow along on the screen with these 3 easy tasks. In case you need more information each task is outlined below in full detail.

As you follow along the tasks on your screen you will be asked to complete tasks with your browser and PC desktop. If you accidentally close your browser it is OK. Simply re-open your browser, navigate back to the step “Web Connector Setup”, and continue where you left off.


On your pc navigate to “Start Menu > All Programs > QuickBooks” and look for Web Connector. If you cannot find Web Connector in your QuickBooks folder, than click the blue link in your browser to download it. Follow the instructions provided by Inuit to install the Web Connector. Once you have installed Web Connector move onto “Authorize”.


SubscriptionBridge needs permission to communicate with QuickBooks. Click the blue link in the “Authorize” section of the page to download the authorization file to your desktop. With QuickBooks running, open the file using Web Connector and follow the onscreen prompts.

The first prompt will look as follows:

<insert image>

The second prompt will look as follows:

<insert image>

That's it! Now validate the previous step.


Now let's run Web Connector to make sure it is working. Open “Web Connector”, check the box next to “SubscriptionBridge”, and click the “Update Selected” button. You will be asked to enter a password. Use the password from your API credentials. To find your API credentials you can click the link in the “Validate” section on the screen.

When you're finished click “Tasks Complete” at the bottom of the page. If you closed the browser just re-open it and navigate back to the setup screen. You will need to click “Tasks Complete” before you can move onto the next step.

If you clicked “Tasks Complete” you should be redirected back to the main progress menu. A check mark will appear next to the first step and you can move onto step two Preferences.

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