Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sale Questions

What is SubscriptionBridge and how does it all work?

Will it work with my existing Web site?

Yes, SubscriptionBridge has been designed to integrate easily and quickly with an existing Web site, blog, e-mail newsletters, etc.

I have a shopping cart. Can it work with it?

Yes. There are two options:

  • “Ready-to-Go” integrations: We are working on “out of the box” support for many popular shopping carts.
  • API: You can use SubscriptionBridge API to integrate the system with any other application.

What new features are you working on

For a list of new features that are currently being developed, please see the Coming Soon section.

Post-sale Questions

Can I run multiple businesses with one account

Yes, you can run an unlimited amount of “stores” from your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center. You are charged on the total number of active subscribers in all of your stores, regardless of which “store” (i.e. which business), they belong too.

For example, if you run a gym, a dance studio, and a tennis club and want to have three different storefronts for the three businesses (e.g. different logos, different e-mail templates, etc.), you can certainly do that. You will set them up as three different stores in your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center.

Is there a limit to the number of subscribers

No, there is no limit to the amount of subscriptions that you can manage through SubscriptionBridge.

Can I use SubscriptionBridge to spread out payments for a product/service over N months?

Yes, absolutely. Let's assume that you are using a shopping cart that has been integrated with SubscriptionBridge. Let's also assume that you want to allow customers to purchase a certain product or service by making 12 monthly payments. You would do the following:

  1. First, you would create a subscription package setup like this:
    1. Package name = Product name
    2. Package price = 1/12 of the product price
    3. Billing period = Monthly
    4. Billing Occurrences = 12
    5. Billing interval = 1 (every month)
    6. Trial = none
  2. You will then link that product to the SubscriptionBridge package via the shopping cart integration. For example, if you are using ProductCart, you would link a product in the ProductCart Control Panel to a subscription package as described here.
  3. Set the price of the product in the shopping cart to be the same as the monthly subscription price. The Terms Widget shown on the product details page and during checkout would make it clear to customers that they are signing up for a 12-month payment plan. You can also state the same on the product details page.
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