Store Settings - Tax Settings

When they are needed

You only need to configure Tax Settings for a SubscriptionBridge store when you are using the SubscriptionBridge shopping cart (Simple Integration). If you are connecting to SubscriptionBridge using the SubscriptionBridge API (e.g. through supported shopping cart software), you do not need to configure these settings, but rather consult the API documentation with regard to how tax information should be passed to the system, or simply configure tax settings in your e-commerce system.

US Tax Data File

Subscription Bridge can automatically calculate the correct tax rate using a tax database that is built into the system. We have partnered with a company called Tax Data Systems to calculate the sales tax rate for the location specified in the subscription details.Indicate which states you want to charge sales tax in. Keep the CTRL key pressed down to select multiple states.

Tax Exempt Products

These settings apply to all products that you have setup, except for those that you have flagged as Tax Exempt. When a tax exempt product is added to the SubscriptionBridge shopping cart, no sales taxes are calculated.

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